Endless opportunities for Immigrants

Fostering a Supportive environment For Immigrants


New Roots Midwest aims to foster a supportive environment for immigrants by providing access to education and resources that facilitate integration into their new communities in Minnesota and North Dakota. The vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive society where immigrants can thrive and contribute to the cultural, social, and economic fabric of Minnesota and North Dakota.


Youth and Women Empowerment

We help empower the youths with skills and the necessary resources to succeed at school and the workplace


Immigrants face a transportation challenge, especially during winter. At New Roots Midwest we have the resources to help them move around.

Employment Training

We help immigrants to attain and retain employment


We provide Immigrants with English Tutoring programs to help them become proficient and integrate fully into their new homes.

Housing Support

We help immigrants to settle in fast in their new homes. New Roots Midwest offers both physical and psychological support.

Job Search and Placement

It is our duty to ensure immigrants succeed and lead a happy life in Minnesota and North Dakota

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